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The Computer Store
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 77 reviews
 by Elise Meyers via Google
Speedy fix

They fixed my computer while I stood there (less than half an hour), for less than $100. I wish I had gone in two weeks before.

 by Omar McClendon via Google
Thoroughly satisfied customer

I brought in my desktop after downloading a keylog trojan, James was nice enough to explain the things he tried to remove the trojan & every process he would do with me before doing it. The service was completed in less than 48 hours and I was thoroughly satisfied with their service.

 by Steven Behnke via Google
Cannot speak highly enough of this business!

This place is the real deal, I was in town and my computer died. It might have been the best thing to happen to me. I actually waited a few weeks to write this to make sure this computer really was as good as it seemed, wow it is GREAT! Best laptop I have ever owned, for the price of the junk I was buying back home in Manhattan. I am going to order every computer I ever use for the rest of my life from this guy. I simply said what I needed and I finally have a laptop that takes care of all my needs! I can not speak highly enough of this business! WOW!

 by Juney Wu via Google
Great service and very friendly!

Great service and very friendly. I got my laptop fixed very quickly. I am so happy! Highly recommend this store.

 by Mike T via Google
Repeat Customer

I've used The Computer Store a few times over the years.
The first time was when I had a problem with a desktop which I couldn't figure out on my own, I don't remember what the issue was. I was driving by and I saw their sign which said "free diagnostics" and knew I should go there because who wants to start fixing the problem with a $50.00+ fee added to their bill before they even know what is going on?
I dropped it off and was told over the phone a day or so later what the issue was. I wish I could remember what it was but again, I dont. I picked my PC up free of charge and frankly, felt a little guilty that I took advantage of them.
The way I get my desktops is to hunt around online over the course of a few months on the various newsletters and buy the individual parts one at a time when they're super cheap, anybody can get a very near top of the line end product if they're patient and wait for the deals.
Once I have everything I need I take it to The Computer Store and it is has been two hours of labor each time. I hesitate to list the per hour labor cost because I don't recall precisely what it was and it most likely went up but I do remember it being cheap.
I've never had an issue with things functioning properly as can happen with custom built desktops but even if I did I'm sure they would have handled it. I'll be hunting around for parts soon for my newest PC and taking them there for assembly. The owner's business model of getting people in the door with free diagnostics and then trusting that superior customer service will get that rewarded worked with me, as long as I'm in Columbus and as long as they're open they'll get my business.
I've never heard anybody I know who has used them say one bad word concerning their experience, the owner even helped me carry my things out to my vehicle one time.

 by 3 Day Blinds via Google
Did a great job!

They did a very great job. and they charge you just fair enough.

 by Cynthia Davidson via Google
Attention to meeting needs of customer

They obviously don’t invest in the glitz and glamor typical of larger, more well-known stores of its kind. With their unremarkable name and even less remarkable building, the guys at The Computer Store instead spend their time and attention on meeting the needs of their clients. My brother and his (late) wife had relied on their services for years when he hipped me to their existence. When I inadvertently let my brand-new laptop get infected, they debugged it for me; when the motherboard of the same machine became terminally ill, they found me a new, identical laptop, onto which they were able to save all my work. I have since sent my son’s wife to them, and they cleaned up a dinosaur of a laptop (which I used for several years before I got a new one) so that my grandson could use if for schoolwork. Not the first complaint have any of us had. Did I mention costs? I haven’t the luxury of not needing to ask “how much,” but I often forget to because I know it won’t be prohibitive. In addition to being friendly, courteous, fair and reasonable, these guys are competent, quick, efficient and oh-so-forgiving of technophobes like me. God bless them!

 by A Google User via Google
Highly recommended!

Good guys to do business with. I had problems with my Toshiba laptop, I called around to a few places. I talked with James, I felt comfortable after he explained to me what needs to be done and especially with their free diagnostic. He called me later and said that I infections on my laptop and got it fixed. I was worried about my data and he told me that I wouldn't lose anything. I highly recommend these guys. Doug

 by Rachel Queen via Google
Highly recommended!

James worked relentlessly to recover over 9,000 photos from my damaged hard drive. He also installed a new hard drive at a very reasonable price considering all of the labor that was required. My 5 year-old MacBook Pro is running like it's brand new. He also called and updated me every step of the way and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend these guys!

 by Rich Moore via Google
Expert service!

Dependable expert service.

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